Call Me Ishmael; volume 1

This week, I’m releasing “Call Me Ishmael; volume 1” for sale as a download in my new blog store. I’ve been working on for about ten months now — writing, recording, and posting on thirty-eight chapters in that time. I’m excited today to release the first nineteen songs of this series as the first volume of what will eventually be a many-volume set.

Buy “Call Me Ishmael; volume 1” here for $5.

I chose a digital-only release for “Call Me Ishmael; volume 1” for a very simple reason — it drives me nuts that most albums sell for ten or fifteen dollars. Much of the lack of diversity in the music industry springs, I think, from the simple fact that people don’t want to take the financial risk involved in trying new, less promoted, music.

CD manufacturing (or record, or cassette tape, for that matter), along with studio costs, are the primary reasons albums ever needed to cost $15. I lowered recording costs by recording in my apartment using Garageband. Digital distribution means not needing to pay for CD production. At this point, anyone can independently record and sell music with little to no capital investment, and pass on the savings, so to speak, to the listener.

Visit my store. Call Me Ishmael, vol. 1 (19 songs) sells for $5. You’ll also find the first two EPs from my band, The New Fantastics, on sale together (12 songs total) for $3. After your payment goes through (credit card via PayPal), I will email you a link and a password to download the files. If you have any difficulties, you can email me at

Best wishes, and thank you for a great first ten months of listenership and support!

Here are a few tracks off the album:

The Specksynder

The Lee Shore

The Counterpane

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