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Patrick is a nerd, a book lover, a math afficianado, an Ishmael, and an Ahab. He lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters. He teaches elementary school in Manhattan. He grew up in Portland, OR; and has also lived in Grinnell, IA (for college); and Austin, TX (for a try).

Published on October 5, 2008 at 10:45 pm  Comments (14)  

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  1. Although I was forced to read Moby Dick as a high schooler and of course have seen the Greg Peck film a few times, you’ve motivated me to revisit the book. My preferred method of “reading” these days is downloading from my local library onto an mp3 player and listening while sitting on a beach somewhere or driving, especially when Sue and I are traveling in our motorhome. We try to intersperse fun suspense novels with the classics so Moby Dick might fit both of those catagories. In the mean time, we’ll look forward to future installments. I will not, however, admit to being a nerd!
    See you soon.
    See you soon!

  2. Excellent Adventure. Thanks. Have you checked out the annual marathon reading of Moby Dick at the New Bedford Whaling Museum on the anniversary of the Acushnet voyage? Marvelous.

  3. Patrick – Really enjoying this site. Read about it in the Times a few weeks back and been tracking it whenever I get the opportunity.

    I’m in Park Slope, but originally from New Bedford, Mass. Still go there once a month, and checked out this year’s marathon reading, as per above comment. It was great.

    Have you ever considered performing these tunes live? I think it would be great to take your ‘show’ on the road…especially to New Bedford! The city would love it, I’m sure. I can point you in the right direction if you’re interested – talk to some venues there and help set something up…LMK

  4. Steven,
    I’m glad you like the blog. Thanks for your offer to help with shows in New Bedford. I’ll definitely take you up on the offer when I’m ready to play some shows.


  5. Patrick,
    I saw you in the NY Times. Bravo!
    I love Moby Dick too. I read it years ago in Spanish. Now, I am trying to repeat the feat in English. No easy task!
    Thxs for sharing your music, and passion for books, art and Moby Dick!
    All the best, y buena suerte!
    Marcela 🙂

  6. Hey dude
    You gave me your card on the F train a couple days ago I guess cause you saw me reading the book. Anyway, I like your site! It’s cool this exists
    I don’t know if you’re into Metal at all, but there’s a great concept album called Leviathan which is based around Moby Dick. It’s by a band called Mastodon. You don’t have to be a metal dude to like it, I’m not.
    Alright, keep hope alive man! keep on trucking!

  7. Jim,
    Thanks for the comment. I’ll totally check out that album!

  8. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for sharing your insight into the book. I am re-reading it for the first time after having read it in uni. Your blog is a great help in getting people to better understand the book and to see its attraction.

  9. I just heard you on WNYC and put 2+2 together to realize I’ve met you! (My son will be in 7th grade this fall). How funny! I have read Moby Dick 3x–once in high school, once in college and once in the years after graduation when a new edition came out. Maybe I should go for a 4th time … or I could just listen to the songs.

  10. Nice music!!

  11. I’m an eleventh grade English teacher in Westchester County, and I’ve been consulting your site for entertainment as well as insight as we trek through Moby Dick. I actually used some of your songs and lyrics as inspiration to my students who are currently embarking on a Moby Dick creative project. Thanks for sharing your work, this is really an awesome endeavor!

  12. That’s so nice to hear. Thanks for letting me know. Best of luck for your students’ creative projects!

  13. Hey Patrick, your old p.s. 234 student kevin here.
    Still listening to your music!

  14. Hey Kevin! Good to hear from you. I hope all is going well with you in middle school.

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