Chapter 20: All Astir

I’m terrible at packing for short trips. My mind all too quickly jumps to the many possible situations that may come to be, and before you know it, I have two or three times the stuff I actually need. A typical packing list for a one week trip may include twelve t-shirts (what if it rains and I have to change?), three pairs of shoes (flip flops for the plane, converse for day-to-day, and something leather in case it rains), extra pairs of socks and underwear (it might rain), at least two more books than I could possibly read, a notebook, a backup notebook, sheet music to read, drawing pens (just in case), and so on and so on. I even overpack when visiting my parents, with a washing machine (and dryer) readily available, and Powell’s Books a short drive away. I can’t help it.

Aunt Charity, Captain Bildad’s sister, packs the Pequod similarly. She has better reason than I, though, since a whaling voyage lasts three years at least, and many comforts to which the crew are accustomed would not be available in foreign ports at that pre-globalized period in time. Clearly I missed my true calling by 150 years or so.

Chapter 20: All Astir

Think of the things a housekeeper brings to have, oh yeah!
Each item needed, nothing conceded, yeah?, oh yeah!

Think of the patience
To careful creations
Of pantries that never fail.

Aunt Charity!
Aunt Charity, oh yeah!

Think of the volume of stores used in three years’ time, oh yeah!
Bother and beans, a housekeeper seems a bore, no more!

Think and be thankful
Of each sturdy ankle
That make wishes never want.

Aunt Charity!
Aunt Charity, oh yeah!

Charity’s bounty
Could cover the county —
Everything far and wide!

Aunt Charity!
Aunt Charity, oh yeah!

(c) and (p) 2010 Patrick Shea
Words and music written by Patrick Shea August 6, 2010
All parts performed, arranged, and recorded by Patrick Shea March 26, 2011

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